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Enhance Your Process with a GRIT TECH™ System Evaluation

GRIT TECH™ performs comprehensive grit removal system evaluations for end-users and consultants. Our trained staffed is backed by years of grit system experience and can evaluate any kind or brand of grit system. Our evaluation includes the following activities:

• Review of operation and maintenance log
• Examination of system components
• Grit testing and/or profiling (optional)
• Discussion with onsite personnel about existing issues
• Full written report, reviewing the evaluation steps taken and providing suggestions for improvements or operating tips


GRIT TECH can evaluate and test various grit removal equipment, whether it be open channels or grit removal equipment.  Various equipment we have tested include:

  • Detritors
  • PISTA®
  • Grit Washers
  • Aerated Grit Chambers
  • Plant influent and effluent channels
  • Stacked Grit Trays
  • Teacups
  • Grit Basins