Evaluate Your Grit Removal System

Is your grit removal system performing at its highest efficiency?

Is Your Grit Removal System Efficient?

With GRIT TECH™ you can be sure about the grit in your WWTP

Demand for WWTP grit system testing and evaluation is exploding across North America. GRIT TECH™ has assembled some of the most experienced technical staff and finest operations personnel in the industry. Our professionals boast decades of grit system design, testing and troubleshooting experience.

Grit Efficiency Testing

GRIT TECH™ undertakes a careful and consistent protocol for grit test sampling and post sampling techniques. Our attention to detail delivers results to assist you in critical decision making about your WWTP’s operation.

Grit Profiling / Characterization

When WWTPs and their designers need a better handle on the grit coming into the plant, a systematic grit profile by GRIT TECH™ can do the trick.

Lab Analysis

Grit Tech™ analyzes your grit samples for size.  Our in-house lab can perform our drying, burning, wet & dry sieving, settling velocity, Sand Equivalent Size (SES) and more of any wastewater grit sample.

Grit System Evaluation

GRIT TECH™ performs comprehensive grit removal system evaluations for end-users and consultants. Our trained staffed is backed by years of grit system experience and can evaluate any kind or brand of grit system. 

Wastewater Grit Testing for Municipalities, Industry and Engineers

The cornerstone of our GRIT TECH™ division is performing grit tests for muncipalities and designers, including for system evaluations and start-ups. We rigorously employ industry-accepted testing methods to deliver real results to our clients. And that’s fundamental because not all grit testing companies test the same way. GRIT TECH™ strives to offer you a complete picture of your plant’s influent grit volume and removal by thorough sampling and documented results.